Fan Pays 60 Lakh to Meet Star Actress Kajal Aggarwal


kajal aggarwal

We heard many fans are wait for hours in line to see the favorite star. Some fans are who ink their name on their wrist and arms, but here something different happened today, The Bollywood fan of singham actress Kajal Aggarwal startled after his actions. The fan who spends a  60 lakhs want to meet a favorite actress kajal Aggarwal was drastically betrayed from a cheater.

From the various media reports, the story of the kajal Aggarwal fan is he approached a person on the internet and the person offered him to meet a star actress kajal Aggarwal, suddenly he was amazed to meet her and talk with her face-to-face, But he asked a whopping amount of 60 Lakhs.

So, the fan ready to give the money and he paid Rs. 50,000 in advance. Later the person asking him to give more money and they discussed and he decided to pay that money in three installments.

Later, the person asking more money and he was realised he was being looted and refused to pay any amount. The gang threating him they would share obscene photos and leak in social media. He was stress and police finally found him in Kolkata and taken into custody for investigation.

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