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Dear Comrade Story Review:A youthful love story, written by Telugu film director Bharat Kamma, based on a young rebel character who always fights for his rights. Chaitanya aka Bobby(Vijay Deverakonda) who is union leader for students, falls in love with Aparna Devi aka Lilly(Rashmika Mandanna) state-level cricketer.

Vijay Deverakonda in Dear Comrade
Dear Comrade Poster

Dear Comrade Story:


“LET ME BE YOUR COMRADE”, Bobby tells Lilly he will be her protector throughout her life and will always fight on her side. This starts romantic part of the story which reveals the movie isn’t about Bobby (male lead) but around Lilly (female lead) and her cricket career.


Further, into the movie, Bobby gets into fights due to his impulsive actions.  Lilly asks him to choose between herself and his outrageous fights. Bobby dramatically pushes her away. This shows his stubbornness. After that incident, Bobby goes into a mild depression. His grandfather suggests that he should go for a tour to calm his thoughts and get back only when he ready to be a true comrade. Here starts the true journey of bobby, beautifully captured by cinematographer Sujith Sarang and synced perfectly by background music by Justin Prabhakaran.

2nd Half:

While on his tour he accidentally meets Lilly at a hospital and gets to know she went to into clinical depression caused by a small accident and not getting selected in the Indian cricket team. Bobby uses natural sound therapy and treats her well. He thinks that the accident was the reason why  Lilly not being selected for the team. Later finds out the head of south India cricket association (Raj Arjun) was the reason. He asks sexual favor in return for selecting Lilly in the team. As soon as Bobby finds out he boils with angry and bashes him in his office and raises a complaint in the police station. But Lilly doesn’t back him up as she is afraid to go out on media for a sexual harassment case . Bobby, as always fighting for righteous side goes on and get arrested for false accusation

In the end, Bobby finally brings out the braveness in Lilly and justifies the complaint. The higher authorities punish the head of cricket association. Bobby and Lilly get along together.

Review Conclusion: Ending words of the movie ‘Every girl needs a COMRADE’.


  • Great acting skills of Vijay Deverakonda
  • Beautifully cinematography
  • Great Music support


  • Lengthly movie
  • Lack of rom-com angle in the movie




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